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Jeffrey Moran, DDS - Pediatric Dentist in Albany, NY


Dr. Moran

Dr. Moran graduated from Brooklyn Technical High School in 1969. He went onto Queens College and received a degree in Biology. He then attended Dental School at the University of Buffalo and received his doctorate degree in dentistry in 1978. During his dental school years, he volunteered to treat children and adults with special needs at the Erie Community Development Center. He also volunteered two summers to treat children at the Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, New York. Following dental school, he did a two-year residency at the Children’s Hospital of Buffalo to specialize in pediatric dentistry.

He has been practicing pediatric dentistry and orthodontics in the capital district since July 1980. Aside from his private practice, he supervised and taught pediatric dentistry to dental residents for 20 years at the Albany Medical Center. He has given several lectures on restorative materials and techniques in dentistry for children. In 2007 he did dental screenings at the Summer Special Olympics of New York State.

His mission is to provide a comfortable, home-like atmosphere to meet the dental needs of infants, children, and adolescents, as well as orthodontics for all his patients. New kids are always welcomed.

His favorite past-times are gardening and landscaping, Ballroom dancing, singing, and playing the guitar. Most importantly, he loves playing basketball. His greatest joys are his wife Wendy, his daughters Lisa and Suzanne, and his granddaughters Samantha, Caitlyn and Rebecca.

  • Member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
  • Member of the America Dental Association and Third District Dental Society
  • Member of the Troy Dental Study Club
  • Recipient of the Certificate of Merit from the American Society of Dentistry for children for outstanding treatment of children as an undergraduate dental student
  • Recipient of the Senior Scholastic Award-University of Buffalo School of Dentistry
Erina Eccher, DDS - Pediatric Dentist in Albany, NY

Dr. Eccher

Dr. Erina Eccher joined our office staff in April 2007. She was raised on Long Island New York. In 1990, she graduated with honors from Sacred Heart Academy in Hempstead New York. Subsequent to her graduation, Dr.Eccher continued her education at Adelphi University, where she completed a BS in Biology and a minor in psychology in 1994. While in college, Dr. Eccher worked at Mercy Hospital in the phlebotomy and microbiology departments of the hospitals laboratory.

Dr. Eccher is a graduate of the University of Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, Class of 1999. At graduation, she was honored with the Certificate of Merit from the American Society of Dentistry for Children. In 2001, she completed a two-year pediatric residency from the Children’s Hospital in Buffalo. She is currently and member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association.

Since 2002, Dr. Eccher has been involved with the dental screenings for the Special Olympics. Furthermore, she shows her devotion to helping others by her involvement in the Glens Falls mission, an organization that provides dental and medical care in Nueva Santa Rosa, Guatemala. She has completed three missions, one in which her role was dental team leader in April 2007.

John Park, DMD - Pediatric Dentist in Albany, NY

Dr. Park

Dr. Park was born and raised in Vancouver Canada. He received his DMD degree from the University of British Columbia in 2008, and completed his residency in pediatric dentistry at Stony Brook University in 2010. Dr. Park has a very gentle demeanor and enjoys working with children and adolescents. Recently married, his wife Grace who is a pharmacist in the capital District. Outside of their careers they enjoyed leisure time spent playing volleyball and exploring the outdoors.


Pediatric Dental Hygienists in Albany, NY and the surrounding cities of Capitol District and Guilderland, NY.


Bridgette Grugan is a 1998 graduate from Hudson Valley Community College with a degree in Dental Hygiene. She has been practicing since 1998 encouraging children and adolescents to maintain a healthy oral hygiene. Bridgette is a mother of three children, a daughter Sydney and twins, Ryan and Rylee.
Bridgette has been employed with Dr.Moran since 1998 and enjoys her job very much. Her favorite aspect of work is the bond that she has created among herself, the staff, and her patients.

Vicki Miller is a graduate of the Monroe Community College Dental Hygiene program in Rochester, New York. She has been practicing since 1994. Working in both adult and pediatric practices. She is a mother of two, Nick and Samantha.
Vicki has been with Dr. Moran since 1994. Some of her favorite things about Dr. Moran’s office have been seeing her patients grow up and the great staff Dr. Moran has assembled over the years.

Courtney Peek is a graduate of the Hudson Valley Community College Dental Hygiene Program. She began her relationship with the practice 18 years ago as a patient, and acquired a passion for working with pediatrics in the oral hygiene field. This was due to the compassion and individual attention that she had been given in the practice as a child.
Courtney started as a part time assistant working with Drs. Moran and Eccher. At the time she was attending hygiene school as a full time student. She graduated from Hudson Valley's hygiene program in June 2008 and is now practicing as a hygienist full time. The qualities she enjoys the most about her job are the dedication of the staff and working with children and young adults.

Laura Tubbs started working for Drs. Moran & Eccher in 2001 as a pediatric dental assistant. Due to her continued interest in dentistry and education, she pursued a degree in Dental Hygiene, graduating from Hudson Valley Community College in 2010. She is also the mother of Leah and Ryan.
Laura attributes her love of the dental field due to the practice and patients she has met over the years. She currently works part-time for Drs. Moran & Eccher, as well as in general practice. She is also a clinical faculty member at the Hudson Valley Community College Dental Hygiene Department.


Pediatric Dental Assistants in Albany, NY and the surrounding cities of Capitol District and Guilderland, NY.

Front Desk Staff

Pediatric Dental Office front desk workers  in Albany, NY and the surrounding cities of Capitol District and Guilderland, NY.

April - Public Relations at Pediatric Dentist in Albany, NY.

Public Relations/Marketing

April Alex has been in the dental field since 1997 and with Dr. Moran since 2004. She has worked in both Orthodontic and Pediatric Dental offices. She is the mother of three children; Alyssa, Devin and Savannah.

Her favorite thing about working for Dr. Moran and Dr. Eccher is watching the staff use their experience and skills to transform a dental visit into a positive and fun experience.